Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's a winner...oh, oh, oh...she's a winner...

I tried to get into the giveaway circuit...and let me tell you it's a full time job. I was easily discouraged...until recently.
I won my very first giveaway ever about a month ago...and thought that'd probably be it for my lifetime. I'm just not lucky...and I've decided I have better things to do than go around to a badillion sites, telling people how awesome they are or adding them to my already busy twitter, blog, etc.

Then, I won this Bipron over at Infarrantly Creative. What makes it really exciting is that I actually know Beckie...in real life ya'll! She even brought me a bunch and let me pick which one I liked best! How cool is that! Obviously, I'm going to be making another so that they don't have to share...cuz sharing is not my sweet boobah's strong suit. In fact, while trying to take this picture...he was trying to rip it off of her for his turn! HA HA HA!
Then, wonder of wonders, I won an adorable vintage dish from Like Mother, Like Daughter. I really enjoy this blog...the pictures of her home make me wish I could step into them and come for a visit! Seeing as that's actually in MA, it is highly unlikely...but a girl can dream, right?
I filled it with Hershey's kisses and put it by the TV! Amazingly, my kids don't like them...so the hubs and I are free to have them in the open. Oh, the joy!
Leila did send some wonderful Andes baking crumbles for the top. The package sat on my porch for a bit...and they were sort of melty. Don't worry...my Loverbrains is a total mint lover and they are NOT going to waste. About half the bag is already gone! HE he he!
I'm a true sucker for a well packaged package too. She used lots of bubble wrap and tissue paper...and a vintage piece of fabric and ribbon. She even included a little handmade graphy notebook...with a hand written note! Look for the fabric in a coming project...just to let you know...I already have ideas!

So, thank you thank you...many many times over. It has made my week a bit brighter. I have to say that I'm so pleased to have won from blogs that I actually follow regularly...rather than those $$$ giveaways...where I don't know the crazy people anyway. Seriously, I'm curious where they get this stuff. I guess, most of it is donations but Sheesh! I did put a comment in for a laptop the other day. How cool would that be?....but I bet they won't wrap it in pretty fabric or let me pick my own!!

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Infarrantly Creative said...

I am glad you won! And you sweet daughter looks great in monsters!