Monday, June 15, 2009

Peaceful Summer Evenings...

I was enjoying the peace of our evening the other night...and thought to grab my camera to share it with ya'll. Loverbrains and I were drinking our evening coffee and reading.

The kids were playing with a freebie deck of cards I got at the library. Yet another summer reading prize out does itself. Sweet Boy was counting his cards. Yes, he actually about four...and then it's just the counting sound/rhythm. Very cute!

Curious Georgette was amazing me with her matching skills...she does quite well until she gets to the end of her cards and decides she needs her brother's cards to finish off the matching.
I was thinking what an intense joy it will be to me when they can read! There are worlds to Narnia and Avonlea. There are Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and the Boxcar children. We enjoy reading now...and some she almost has memorized...Dr. Suess, etc. ...but it will be so neat to see them delve into books personally! I can't wait...but I will...and in the meantime I'll gladly model my love for it...and will read book after book after book to them!

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