Monday, August 15, 2011

All ready and excited!

School starts tomorrow.  We are all ready.  Our clothes are in the compartments...
...the backpack is fully loaded.  MomE is doing a lot of praying. 
If you love my Emmer-bean too...I trust you are praying for her BIG day too!  Thanks!!  Lubby could use some prayers too...It's hard to be left behind!  But as he says in his own words, "I need to stay mother would miss me!"  True true!


Anonymous said...

We are praying for our precious Emma, our sweet Caleb and also for both loving Mom and Dad. Enjoy the first day of school with her.

Love to all,

Grandpa and Grandma W.

Beverly said...

Deep breath...plan something fun to do with Caleb so the time won't drag. Big hugs! Aunt Bev

Amy Rigel said...

Praying for sweet Emma! Happy birthday to sweet Emma too!!! :)