Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thankful for AC!!

It has been SO hot and humid that breathing becomes difficult...ugh!  We are thankful for our air conditioned home!  SO, we came in and broke out the B I G paper and did some coloring!
Emma is into coloring the WHOLE sky blue!  Our blue markers, crayons and pencils are showing the wear and tear!  Hehehe!  Her artistic abilities are blossoming!  She draws GREAT rockets, flowers and snails! 
Lubby is into CAMPING...He's currently planning a backyard campout with DadE...and so he draws LOTS of campfires, tents, etc.  Too cute!  He's finally getting into drawing...He wasn't much interested up until now!

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Pastor D said...

Great pictures. Handsome kids. And you are a great mom to them.