Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Emma's Teacher...

Emma enjoyed meeting Miss Rausch last night at her open house.  She saw her classroom...found her cubby, mailbox and crayon container.  Played playdoh with some new classmates, ate two chocolate chip cookies and had her picture taken!

Tuesday is the BIG day!!  Pray for Miss Rausch...she's very young (might be her first teaching job)...and she's teaching AM in one building and PM in another building.  That stresses ME out for her!  Emma's AM class is mostly girls...maybe 3 boys! 

We are SO excited.  The Hello Kitty backpack, outfit and accessories are ready to GO!!


Shonda said...

How did the first day of school go? We are in our 2nd week and Reanne is loving Kindergarten. I hope Emma had a great day.

Pastor D said...

We prayed with you before school. We will be praying for Emma too!