Monday, August 8, 2011

The Dual Party...OR...Emma turns 6!

We had a dual party...half Star Wars and half Hello Kitty...but alas, MomE isn't the picture taker she used to be...and forgot to take a picture of the decorated table and cake. 

AND...I can't figure out how to rotate this video...anyone who knows how to do that...please share!
Playground bouncy balls...anyone for a game of dodgeball??

Birthday girls "cheese" face!

Since she wants to be a "baker lady" when she grows up...SO, we got her an easy bake oven.  Couldn't find a single 100 watt plain ordinary bulb in the house.  Poor pre planning.  Oops!

This gift sparked her imagination...she pretends and pretends!!

DadE and Caleb have enjoyed playing with the Zoomer toy...and naming their contraptions.
A funtime had by all.

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Patti Hanan said...

How fun! You are making happy memories your children will treasure :)