Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birdwatchers...we start 'em young...

Curious Georgette entered into her mother's realm for the love of birdwatching. My parents have always been avid birders...and a few years ago got me my own bird guide and binoculars...I've charted all the birds we've seen at our various home feeders. Their list is much more exciting than mine...but anyhew...what's she looking at??
Can you see him?
How about now?
It's a little baby robin. As soon as I took this hopped/flew away. It was chilly day and I think that it was trying to get out of the breeze. It was also complaining that it's MomE wasn't feeding it anymore. You could almost hear him say, "Hey, Mom...what do ya mean I have to catch my own food now?"

To my dd (dearest daughter) the greatest thrill of watching all morning...was when he flew away...'cuz he left a present on the window sill...yeah!

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