Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shredding Party!

We had a shredding party on Monday. It seems that whenever we think about getting to the massive mountain of shreddable documents...the children are sleeping...or there is some other reason to be quiet!

SOoooo, DadE has been planning a shredding party! Sweet boy has been soooo allergicky (yes, it's now a word)...that we were trying to keep him inside during the heat of the day! He loved watching the shreds come out into the container...

Curious Georgette took her job very seriously as you can see...she was having fun, I promise! She carefully held the paper just like he told her to...and let go as soon as it grabbed a hold! She was sooo proud!
So, yes...this is how the nerd family spends their time. Yet another fun time with our family! He he he! It was fun...okay...maybe you had to be there!
Sweet boy wanted to see what I was taking pictures he was right in my personal space! HA...personal space... did I actually say that! What mother has such a thing!
Here's a big cheezy grin for ya!

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Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Even the bathroom is no longer personal space once you have kids.

And as for shredding, mine comes on and the kids come running. Something about it is just appealing. I think it relieves stress personally. Except that right now my pile is over one foot high, so I will overheat my shredder more than once and have to take breaks, spreading the process out over the course of probably an entire day. When I get around to it...