Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Cassandra at Momma needs a Time Out has a Mother's Day giveaway going...and it's a challenging one. At first, I thought...I don't have time to do this...but the more I thought about it...the more I decided my Mom faithfully reads my blog and would love it...I don't usually get her teared up so let's see if I can get her to break out the tissues...

This is the lovely giveaway necklace...and just so you know...if I win I'm giving it to my Mom!

I would say that I have a unique relationship with my Mom. She is a pastor's wife and that can pose special issues for developing close friendships. In many ways I am my Mom's best friend. We butt heads but it usually stems from our pride and selfishness...the desire we both have for being right about everything!

I found a saying that I'm going to use on something for Christmas that is so true of my feelings. "The best thing about having you as a Mom, is knowing my kids have you as a Grandma!" Watching my Mom with my kids is so neat. Curious Georgette in particular really loves her...Mom calls her skeeter bug...some lovey name derived from when I was on bed rest with Caleb and Mom came to help me. They bonded.

She has been able to come for three weeks with each of my babies. I look back and see that she is a teacher wherever she goes. She couldn't change professions...even if she was a Dr. she'd be teaching people... While I was re cooperating she'd carefully and slowly give me more responsibilities until she knew she could go home. She's say, "you can fold the laundry today"..."why don't you make dinner"..."you need to correct her and take over disciplining today"... I cried when she went home out of my own fears of being alone...but she had prepared me to take over as the MomE.

She's been preparing me my whole life. She had my brother when I was 11, and I learned so much about babies at that point. Funny, a lot of conflicts have risen out me finding my place as his sister and not his mother! I was taught a lot about housekeeping at that point too. I remember being given tasks to help her...probably something she would have taught me anyway...laundry, sewing, cooking, etc. I still consult her about everything...I'll have to share sometime how she puts "mix in the usual manner" on recipes...and this drives me nuts cuz I'm not always sure what the usual way is...hahaha!

Spiritually I've learned a lot from her too. I've observed the good, the bad and the ugly of her experiences as a pastor's wife. I've watched her go through trials...and come out stronger. I watched her go back to school (about the time I started college) and ace her studies...and come out a truly highly qualified and gifted teacher of children with special needs. I watch her work on herself...and learn more about her devotional times.

I love that she is always sure to tell me that she loves ME. She doesn't just want to come see my kids, that she dotes on...but to see me...the kid she loves! She likes spending time with me. That's special...a lot of my friends sort of lament the loss of their parents attention after their kids arrived. I'm special...or more likely...she is!

I love you Mom...happy Mother's Day!!


Cassandra said...

Great post about your Mom! Thanks for entering & good luck!!

Anonymous said...

WEll not sure about your mom but you got me all teary! I think you have a GREAT mom! She is most definitely all of those things! You said it very well!! Tonia

Anonymous said...

I love you. Mom