Monday, July 13, 2009

Farmer's Museum Funtimes

One of the first days of vacation we met up with my friend Sarah and her husband Nick. We had a great time!!! She is the only person I correspond with via snail mail...cuz I guess we're both weird that way and enjoy handwritten letters!

Both are great with kids...and when she wasn't taking pictures for me, Sarah was helping Emma feed the chickens or pet the horses and Nick was carting Caleb about to see things too!
Emma rode on DadE's shoulders. Awww...this is a real Mome Moment for me...I remember riding on my Daddy's shoulder's too!!
Nick helped Caleb look at the baby goats. Kid looking at kids if you will...hardy har har!
Which makes me think of that little song...
Lambs eat oats and Does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy....A kid'll eat ivy too...wouldn't you?
This is the old schoolhouse...Caleb is having trouble sitting in his seat and paying attention...ha!
Emma did not want to pet the big draft horse. Nope!
The blacksmith made a nail! That was neat!
MomE attempted to show Emma how to spin wool between her fingers. She seemed to think it was dirty though...and didn't really want to touch it. We tried to make a connection with the sheep..."this came off the sheep"...but she still thought it a bit odd!

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