Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fourth of July on the 14th!

For the Fourth of July we went to see a parade. God blessed us with perfect timing for parking...and seats right where the parade route started. WOW!
Caleb loved all the doggies...and trucks...and tractors! He did get a little scared when the firetrucks would hoot their horns LOUDLY! The raining candy was also a bit scary. A tootsie roll hit Emmy in the eye...and she cried for a bit! Poor thing!
She was so interested in looking for the American flag and standing and covering her heart!!! So cute...she would say, "Here's our flag...stand up...covers your hearts!"
I would love to try this someday...I'd probably break my neck but it sure looks like fun!
GOD BLESS AMERICA....land that I love!!! There were anti war protesters marching. Even upstate NY is pretty stinkin' liberal. It seemed peaceable but I wouldn't have cried if someone had hit them with candy...It borders on disrespectful in my book to come to a parade that celebrates our country and troops...and protest the hard work they are doing...grrrr!
Here's a picture of the veterans of foreign wars, I think!

Caleb loved the tractors...Emma loved the princesses but unfortunately my camera died and I couldn't take any princess pictures. We're talking dairy princesses, etc.


Carmel said...

Are you from upstate NY? I thought you moved here from Ohio? Just curious. : ) I'm boring... mostly grew up in Illinois, then on to Ohio, and Indiana. : )

MomE said...

I was born in WI, lived in PA for a bit, grew up mostly in upstate NY from 1st grade to my Junior Year of high school. Then we moved to Ohio where I graduated highschool. I went to college in WV for a bit...then transferred and graduated from Cedarville in OH. Darren and I moved to IN for his job. My Dad's parents still live in the Cooperstown area half the year. They live in FL the other half! Clear as mud??

Cathy said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Love the pics! The one with you guys in the paddle boat is cute! Can't wait to catch up with you... I miss you!
Love ya!

Carmel said...

Okey, dokey. : )