Friday, May 29, 2009


I so loveth my baby! It is so fun to make matchy things and have her be so tickled about it! Pop over to Blogging Along to see the rest of this cutie post!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shredding Party!

We had a shredding party on Monday. It seems that whenever we think about getting to the massive mountain of shreddable documents...the children are sleeping...or there is some other reason to be quiet!

SOoooo, DadE has been planning a shredding party! Sweet boy has been soooo allergicky (yes, it's now a word)...that we were trying to keep him inside during the heat of the day! He loved watching the shreds come out into the container...

Curious Georgette took her job very seriously as you can see...she was having fun, I promise! She carefully held the paper just like he told her to...and let go as soon as it grabbed a hold! She was sooo proud!
So, yes...this is how the nerd family spends their time. Yet another fun time with our family! He he he! It was fun...okay...maybe you had to be there!
Sweet boy wanted to see what I was taking pictures he was right in my personal space! HA...personal space... did I actually say that! What mother has such a thing!
Here's a big cheezy grin for ya!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Win some....Lose some...

It has become obvious that not all of my zany ideas are created equal. Some turn out this $10 (garage sale find) enamel topped dresser/sideboard, turned TV stand! I love it...spent way less than I had budgeted!

I even "repossessed" the old TV stand for a personal devotional area! Neato!
Then there are the zany ideas that don't go so, "Sure, I can cut sweet boy's hair myself." It was all going fine until he jumped and I zipped his hair so close he looked
"re donk u lous!" Now he looks like a little cancer patient and I feel slightly sick! His sister thinks it feels weird and says "Ewww" when feeling it!

Loverbrain says, "it looks like he's joining up early!" I said, "Yeah, but they have more hair!"
He was getting annoyed with the pictures...can ya tell!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Anticipation...the poor man's rose!

The side of our house has four huge peony bushes! I love them! I always sing " making me wait..." as I look at the tight little bulb blossoms waiting to burst into deep pink incredibly fragrant tissue papery flowers! WOW! They smell a lot like roses to me...I guess not the same sort of pretty...the poor man's rose! HA!
Didja know that they must have ants to blossom? I know, I know...I already have an ant problem...but oh well, I wanted to look at and smell them often...and well, I already have an ant what's a few hundred more!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday of the past...

These pics are from the week Caleb was born! Awww! He was so tiny...and she was a chubby cheeked baby...WOW...almost two years ago! How time flies!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Patch Club Closing 2009...

Sunday morning we had the closing program for the Patch the Pirate club at church. Our Sweet Girl is a PeeWee...they start at three! She loves going each week...and loves her little outfit...with her sash and hat! She isn't so keen on singing (at least any song that you want her to sing when you want her to sing it).
Yup, see the was my kid that had to go sit with her MomE for the rest of the program. I think it was harder on me than her. I had to get over my embarrassment and realize that almost everyone thought it was cute! She is only three...and she will grow up soon enough. Breathe MomE...breathe....
She was coaxed into returning to the stage for her award for participation...forgot her hat though! I have to say...she's the cutest!!!
Here's the whole group! God bless the teachers who dedicate themselves to this bedlam each year! It is important. She does know her verses and her songs. Now, whether or not we can get her to share them with anyone is the question...hahaha!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother Daughter Love!

Here is a picture from Mother's Day...My sweet girl and I went to church alone cuz the sweet boy was sick. Do you like the red earrings she chose for my present? Very pretty!!

Today, we went to the church Mother/Daughter our matchy outfits! And yes, I made them...awwww! So cute!!!
Here's Emma with Grandma Pat...we adopted her into our family! Poor Emma had to be wakened from her she was a bit groggy when we first got there. While I put our food out (it was a pitch in) she snuggled Grandma Pat.
Here's a pic DadE took for us before we left for the banquet!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Father Funtimes Friday...

We went to the zoo a week ago...Loverbrain took the day off cuz he's been working ALOT and had comp time to use...It was so nice to share the zoo experience with DadE!

Sweet Boy was trying to dive in with the penguins!
The polar bear was cool!
Loverbrain is such a great father! He lifted and hauled people all through the zoo!

For some reason I kept getting the BACK END of the animals! They put forth their best side, I guess. Hardy har har!
I personally like this pic best! HE HE HE!
We're getting hot, hungry and sleepy! Time to head back to the van!!
It was starting to we all perched in the back of the van to eat our picnic lunch. I wish I'd had someone take a picture of us...cuz we were one cute family!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birdwatchers...we start 'em young...

Curious Georgette entered into her mother's realm for the love of birdwatching. My parents have always been avid birders...and a few years ago got me my own bird guide and binoculars...I've charted all the birds we've seen at our various home feeders. Their list is much more exciting than mine...but anyhew...what's she looking at??
Can you see him?
How about now?
It's a little baby robin. As soon as I took this hopped/flew away. It was chilly day and I think that it was trying to get out of the breeze. It was also complaining that it's MomE wasn't feeding it anymore. You could almost hear him say, "Hey, Mom...what do ya mean I have to catch my own food now?"

To my dd (dearest daughter) the greatest thrill of watching all morning...was when he flew away...'cuz he left a present on the window sill...yeah!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordie Kids Wednesday...

My Sweet Boy has been quite sick...with breathing issues from bronch/allergies...He's on meds that make him a very manic and wild man. This is very unusual for my normally laid back little dude.

Curious Georgette has been exceedingly tenderhearted and kind to him these past few days. She's trying to teach him (she too has control issues...don't know where she gets it from)...

He did something right for her today and she said, "Good girl, you did it!"...I chuckled and said, "Honey, he's a boy." He then frowned and said, "Yup, boy!" Ha ha ha!

She has pronoun problems...what can I say. She also confuses Grandma/Grandpa, and him/her! Fun times! Simply adorable!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Frugal Mother's Day!

Since I've already sent our little Mother's Day gifts to the grand and great grandmothers...I'll share how it was done...of course very frugally...but full of love...

I forgot to take a picture...but Emma laboriously and excitedly painted two cereal boxes for me. She hasn't really figured out that mixing all the colors makes them all army green and gray...but oh well! She's cute!

I traced and cut out a flower pattern...

Glued a magnet on one side...

Emma helped select buttons for the other side...the flowers bellybuttons...hehehe!

Then I used those watercolor cards I made from her many many many paintings... create a cute card! We put another magnet inside to hold them to each other...

and sent them on their merry way! Happy Mother's Day!!!