Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a Merry Thankmas with my parents this year. That's Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrated together, for all those unfamiliar with the term. Here the kids are opening their bike helmets. They weren't really sure what they were!
Caleb still isn't sure what it is...and how excited to be. He really liked his light up car from Aunt Carol...and wanted to play with it! He isn't into peddling...but he steers pretty well.
It was cold outside....and I don't mean maybe...I mean VERY! Emmer-girl did fabulously. She peddles well...and is figuring out the brakes. She and Grandpa look so cute together! After we came inside she kept looking out the window and saying, "Those bikes are AWESOME!"
Sorry, but I totally slacked on the picture taking this holiday. I was having a good time getting together with family friends, eating (ooooo, yummy), and junking with my Mom. It was a nice visit. One of the neatest things...Emma figured out what Grandpa does for a living. HA! She came trotting into church and said, "Grandpa, you're the pastor!" Hehehe!

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