Thursday, September 17, 2009

Da Bugs...'de iz rotten...

Wanna know what it's like around here? Think scary not like the cute little buggers above. Nope...think da bugs...'de iz rotten!

The sweet man is on breathing steroids again...and it makes him a WILD MAN. Since my little lady is always a WILD woman...the chaos has been...loud lately. MomE is losing hair...or graying...time to chemically alter that again! HAHAHA!

While I was getting dressed this morning they dumped ALL of the legos, blocks, and builder linkos into the bottom of the toy trunk and were pretending to take a bath. Don't's not funny! After calmly disciplining yelling and yanking everyone out of the occurred to me that they couldn't reach the bottom to help pick them up and were not the greatest sorters. Ugh!

After finishing fixing that mess up...I went upstairs...and found the dynamic duo pulling all the books off the shelf...looking for a specific one. This time I held it together better...and after having them help me reshelve the books and giving a lecture on proper book care we had quite a nice reading time before lunch and NAPTIME....ahhhhhh...n a p t i m you hear the angels singing??? Well, what's wrong with you?...I do!


Carmel said...

I know you said not to laugh, but when it's happening to someone else... it's just, well, funny!

Today.... I finally got the baby fed, E & K pottied and socks/shoes on, my chair, book, the baby's bouncy seat/gym toy outside... went to pick up the baby and he had pottied through his diaper... so we had to change him and then finally go outside to play... I think that took us about 20 minutes to actually make it outside to play. Aaaahhh.. the joys of a mommy-to-young-ones day!

Laughing, crying, praying... it's the only way to make it through the day!

Beverly said...

I love your sense of humor! A bit of humor goes along way to soothing mom-e's frustrations!